Our Quality

Surpassing the leading panel of pharmaceutical companies in India, Crosslands Pharma, has been able to achieve a top enviable position by mere dedication and stringent quality policies. A team of experts, who never comprise with the quality, efficiently handles the lab procedures and the entire working procedures. They are firm believers of quality and hence aim for 100 percent genuine and flawless approach. We have quality policies matching that of International standards right from the beginning of the manufacturing process to its ultimate delivery to the client. The rules and regulations are religiously applied to every aspect of production as well as marketing to keep up the faith among our clients. For all good reasons, efficient productivity, use of no less than good quality raw materials, machineries, packaging as well as promotional strategies, we have attained a high ratio of client retention in a very short time span. While adhering to quality standards, it has been our constant endeavor to formulate products that keeps up the promise of effectiveness. Our market share for the same has witnessed a steady increase in the recent years. There is a provision for third part inspection at any time apart from an in-house team to check the proceedings rigorously.

 Quality control analysis 

The control check team performs standard lab practices by sticking to the rules and regulations as per the industrial guidelines. Sterile and hygienic conditions are maintained throughout utilizing high-grade microbiological utilities to prevent any kind of contamination. Quality control norms are applied to core domains including:

1. Equipment and production analysis

2. Microbiological analysis

3. Raw material analysis

4. Packaging material testing

5. Promotional and marketing analysis

Well-experienced and skilled technicians and staff obliges to stern quality policies, hence ensuring overall wellness.

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